“6 helpful Tips for finding the right contractor”

1. Don’t ever tip your hat as too what companies you have already received bids from. This keeps representatives honest when presenting their companies products and services.

2. Don’t ever allow someone to get back with you. That’s just complete laziness. All window, siding, sunroom, roofing and remodel estimates can be formulated by professionals on the spot.

3. If they are more than 5 minutes late for the initial estimate with out a heads up (courtesy call), then this is probably a good sign of what’s to come.

4. Be sure that they carry confidence into the consultation and not arrogance. Arrogance comes from the head and is sometimes accompanied by the stretching the facts and lack of information. Confidence comes from the heart. Respect, sincerity and passion. Look me in the eye, not thru the rear view.

5. Do NOT even think about purchasing your homes remodel products from box stores or local lumber yards. Keep in mind, these types of models might specialize in 10,000 products and the most efficient price point. Obviously, compromise in quality is the name of the game. Think builders. Can we say “cheap”. I Think We have all been down that road. This time it’s your call. You are the project director. Look out for your best interests. Always reach out to companies like PES or Sears etc. Companies that specialize in just a handful or products. Companies that can’t even spell compromise when it comes to their products.

6. If they offer factory rebates, incentives or 1rst visit discounts. “Run Forrest Run, Head for the hills”. There is only “ONE” real cash money discount. It’s called “a company incentive”. Example: free guttering with a certain purchase. This concession should not even be mentioned until the very end of the presentation. By acknowledging a concession at the end of the day. It’s a companies honest way of saying “we are not trying to leverage your decision with bogus discounts”. Also, Listen to the wording when this step comes out. Remember, you want to hear “company” not “factory” discount, rebate, incentive. If we are already playing games now, then are you really getting what you paid for??? Hmmmm….. A great product, accompanied by a passionate testimony and fair market price, Sells itself…

With these tips in mind you should really be able to separate the rubber from the road. This is a huge investment. So Please trust me when I say, “do not even consider compromising quality for price” in this arena. You will Stay on the wheel. That’s a very expensive ride.

At the end of the day. When choosing the right contractor. Be sure to properly qualify the best products, warranties and installation. Then follow these helpful tips. You will know when the right contractor/company is in your sites.

Author: Ricky G